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How To be a better Speaker by using Storytelling

How to speak with confidence just using Storytelling techniques, without wasting any time and getting real results.

“Let me ask you a question…”?

Are you happy with how confidently you speak?

Do you always clearly communicate what is in your heart and mind?

Remember being a kid and you loved nothing more than being read to and falling asleep in your nice warm cosy bed. We love stories, it is like a chance to escape from the routine of life and disappear into a world of fairy, freedom and happiness. The greatest speakers are the greatest storytellers. They have people glued to their words like honey.

Have you ever thought to yourself why do I always feel nervous speaking in public, fumbling in interviews, always forgetting what to say and start jumbling my words?

Storytelling is easy if you have a great imagination or feel like you are a Disney princess or something. But when you are struggling with social anxiety it can really affect your storytelling skills which help engage your listeners to what you want to say, as you might be focused on your own fears rather than the story.

Why can’t I be happy and confident when I speak in work meetings or interviews like I see all the others in my office? You need to use stories.

Why can’t I get my point across clearly and confidently?

What if I told you there’s ONE thing, just ONE thing, that can help you to change your current situation?” 

“Imagine this… what if you were able to suddenly turn your dreams into reality?


What if you suddenly became the ‘YOU’ you’ve always wanted to be? What if you were able to speak confidently?

Not be nervous when you talk, keep your listeners engaged and live the most extraordinary life you ever imagined?

Hey, Leighanne Turner here.

I’m a Voiceover, Author, Podcaster and Speaking coach

Who has helped countless women transform their Confidence when speaking in their personal and professional lives via my podcasts, books, audiobooks, blogs, coaching sessions, live classes and online courses and other digital resources. 

A few years ago I said goodbye to my corporate job inLondon, UK in order to use my gifts and talents to start a business and embark while being on a journey of self-discovery.

I said goodbye to my cooperate job

Since that time I’ve gone on to build a full-time online lifestyle business focusing all around the voice using it correctly to speak with confidence. Now my mission is to inspire women to speak with confidence in any environment and live their lives doing things that they love and continuously inspire them.”


It wasn't always like this, speaking confidently in any environment.

Life used to be challenging when I would be fearful to speak up in a lesson at school or get a nervous feeling when I presented cases in my previous job

Girl I’ve been in your shoes, trust me. 

I had a big desire for change, to finally speak with confidence to anyone in any place and not feel silenced by the negative thoughts in my mind.

I struggled with that nervous feeling and imposter voice in my head saying “shhh no one wants to hear you talk, you sound like a little kid.”

Then I had a big discovery … to finally answer the problem of not having much confidence at times to speak.

Through lots of trials and error testing, I finally found the solution to be a woman who can speak with confidence in any arena without all the drama.

I know you are like, “hmmm Leighanne, how did you learn this one thing and how it made all the difference.”

It's all about working from the inside out.

I had an idea, doing voiceover work a few years ago and people asking me stories and I thought “ahh I am not the only one that needs to change my mindset to sound confident when I talk.” 

As a trained voiceover, I learnt so many skills on how to play with my voice to sound happy, sad, glad, confident or fearful. Also to sound like a teen, woman in 20s to a woman in 30s.

 The voice is a powerful tool if you know how to use it to its maximum. So I use all these tools and techniques I have learnt as a Voiceover and from my Corporate job where I had to do a lot of speaking every day to a wide audience.

I am excited to share them with you so that you can talk with more confidence than you ever thought possible.

 My Achievements...blow my own trumpet time.

So I have learnt how to beat those imposter negative thoughts in my mind and gained a few extra tools so that I can’t confidently do voiceover work for big names like Adidas, Google, Costa, UEFA Champions League and the national lottery to name but a few. 

Then I was able to transfer these amazing voiceover skills on how to powerfully use your voice as a tool into all of my speaking coach clients and products so you can speak with confidence and have success like me too.I love creating amazing courses, audiobooks, ebooks, templates and more to help even more women confidently speak and use their voice in a powerful way in any area of their life.

Ok, so listen, you’re sitting at your computer, or maybe on yourphone… and you’re reading this today for a reason. Something in your life isn’t perfect, and you want to finally be that woman who can speak with confidence at work, home and when out and about, never before.And you’ve heard how this works.

And you know that IT IS possible to turn your dreams into reality, love speaking in public, not be so nervous, jumbling your words, having those imposter thoughts and be the ‘YOU’ you’ve always wanted to be.

So let me ask you… does that sound like something you’d want to start to take action on? Because right now you have the chance to grab the roadmap that shows you exactly how.”

Today I’m excited to be able to introduce you to my BRAND NEW Speaking Tips Course "How to Be a Better Storyteller Even When You Are Socially Anxious". It’s a step-by-step blueprint that shows you exactly what you need to do to finally speak confidently in any situation, eliminate that self-doubt, worry, fear, nerves, unlock your potential… and live your life the way you always believed you could.” As a confident speaking woman in any arena you find yourself in .

It'd time to start telling stories to keep your listeners engaged to every word you say.

Here are all of the great value you will get in this amazing course on Storytelling.

How to use storytelling to be a better speaker

I will show you some engaging storytelling techniques that I successfully use to keep my listeners hooked onto every word when I need to share my value and gems. These tips will help you feel more confident than ever before and uncover the areas of growth in your storytelling techniques before you talk and finally remove all things that are destroying your confidence when you need to speak.

A little sneak peak on what we cover...

Time and audience:

This is where we’ll go over how to speak with confidence, strength, breathing techniques and mindset so you can sound clear and engaging when you talk on all occasions in only 5 days if you follow all of my advice in this audiobook.

Use a good hook

People want to be entertained so what you say must be interesting from the start, middle and the end or you will lose your listeners quickly whether it is at work, home or a date with that good looking guy you've been dreaming of. Give your listener a hook that wet their appetite and has them craving to hear more.

Keep it short

Do not ramble on with no hook, middle or end even if your nerves and social anxiety push you to do that in an interview or that tough financial presentation at work. You want to keep people engaged, not make them nod off for an early afternoon nap. Keep to the point and look at the people in the meeting at work or the audience are they on the phone, doing notes or talking amongst each other. Stick to the important parts.

Chill my lovely

If you have social anxiety, you might be tempted to rush through your story to get it over with. Go slow so that your listeners have time to digest what you have to say.

Have fun...life is too serious at times

Saying funny things about yourself during a story is a great way to make your listeners comfortable. But don't poke fun at those around you. Don't tell stories that make others feel bad about themselves or have to stick up for themselves. Just make fun of yourself, as an example it could be that you went to go into the kitchen to get a notebook but forgot once you got there but remembered you had a galaxy chocolate bar in the fridge… so proceed to chomp that off without hesitation.

Variety Is the spice of life

In addition to making sure that you aren't speaking too quickly, you should also try to variate the rate of which you speak. Speed up for the exciting parts and slow down to add drama. Add those dramatic pauses like a #beast my dear.

Ask listeners to imagine 

Part of your job as a storyteller is to paint a picture for your listeners. Ask them to imagine something specific in your story. "Can you picture me..." is a good phrase to get you started. Remember that even the greatest storytellers practice beforehand. Don't be afraid to practice your story multiple times before taking it out in public.

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Have A Listen To The Samples Below

So we all love to try before we buy, have a listen to a snippet below.  

You are going to love the help and value that I give. 

What My Happy Clients Say About  Me.

''You’re amazing Leighanne! This is the first time someone has reached out and actually helped me to improve my speaking. Keep doing what you love. I think you have the capability to change someone’s life, especially in terms of confidence and public speaking.''

Nina Willson

  • ''What I liked the most about the audiobooks is that I can learn while running on the treadmill and it feels like you are walking with me through all the activities. You have a very charming personality and I really enjoyed listening to you. I was able to use all of these tips in my interview and I got the job Thanks.''

  • Alejandra Miller

    ''So I was doing WhatsApp eyelash video classes to show the best technique, but many of them said I was talking too fast all the time. Thanks, Leighanne for letting me remember to breathe & that my customer minds process things at a slower rate than what I can speak. You are the real deal & very patient.''

    Mummi Miah

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