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Group Coaching can help you speak more confidently than ever before.

Ladies, are you ready to conquer your fear of public speaking today? Or do you think you are ok sometimes but you just need more confidence to improve your articulation and be a bit more persuasive when you talk. I find that speaking with confidence is a skill that is crucial for people working in the fast-paced, online, modern world. It is not taught at school about how to be a confident communicator like how Maths, English and science has priority I find. But no worry, as Leighanne your Speaking Confidence Coach is here to help.

“Let me ask you a question…”?

Are you happy with how confidently you speak?

Do you always clearly communicate what is in your heart and mind?

I know that not everyone is out and about delivering a webinar to 200 people, but being confident in your ability to deliver a message, whether in a pitch, presenting work to a customer, trying to get a new potential client or simply on a conference call, is vital in life to create trust and get your listener to understand what you say.

My coaching sessions are carefully crafted to give you the confidence, motivation and skills you need to get out of the fear zone and into the confidence zone - armed with a set of skills to put into action online and in real life, immediately.

So you can be that confident powerful woman speaker where you find yourself. How? I am glad you asked my dear. You will become a more confident speaker by focusing on unlocking your own style using the speaking tips and techniques that I guide you in the sessions. Listen my love, your confident voice is there deep down, trust me, you might just need some help bringing it out.

And I promise I can help you do that. With my speaking tips you will be able to say what you need to say, when you need to say it, this is crucial to success in the business or corporate working world. You and I both know that it is so frustrating to be passed up for a promotion or just miss out on a job because you were not able to confidently explain why you were the best choice for the role. It's time to learn how to communicate effectively.

As you know a business will not thrive if people do not communicate effectively. I know - I’ve seen it and been part of it in my past. Been there done that, worn the T-shirt.

Why can’t I get my point across clearly and confidently?

What if I told you there’s ONE thing, just ONE thing, that can help you to change your current situation?” 

“Imagine this… what if you were able to suddenly turn your dreams into reality?


What if you suddenly became the ‘YOU’ you’ve always wanted to be? What if you were able to speak confidently?

Not be nervous when you talk, keep your listeners engaged and live the most extraordinary life you ever imagined?

Hey, Leighanne Turner here.

I’m a Voiceover, Author, Podcaster and Speaking coach

Who has helped countless women transform their Confidence when speaking in their personal and professional lives via my podcasts, books, audiobooks, blogs, coaching sessions, live classes and online courses and other digital resources. 

A few years ago I said goodbye to my corporate job inLondon, UK in order to use my gifts and talents to start a business and embark while being on a journey of self-discovery.

I said goodbye to my cooperate job

Since that time I’ve gone on to build a full-time online lifestyle business focusing all around the voice using it correctly to speak with confidence. Now my mission is to inspire women to speak with confidence in any environment and live their lives doing things that they love and continuously inspire them.”


It wasn't always like this, speaking confidently in any environment.

Life used to be challenging when I would be fearful to speak up in a lesson at school or get a nervous feeling when I presented cases in my previous job

Girl I’ve been in your shoes, trust me. 

I had a big desire for change, to finally speak with confidence to anyone in any place and not feel silenced by the negative thoughts in my mind.

I struggled with that nervous feeling and imposter voice in my head saying “shhh no one wants to hear you talk, you sound like a little kid.”

Then I had a big discovery … to finally answer the problem of not having much confidence at times to speak.

Through lots of trials and error testing, I finally found the solution to be a woman who can speak with confidence in any arena without all the drama.

I know you are like, “hmmm Leighanne, how did you learn this one thing and how it made all the difference.”

It's all about working from the inside out.

I had an idea, doing voiceover work a few years ago and people asking me stories and I thought “ahh I am not the only one that needs to change my mindset to sound confident when I talk.” 

As a trained voiceover, I learnt so many skills on how to play with my voice to sound happy, sad, glad, confident or fearful. Also to sound like a teen, woman in 20s to a woman in 30s.

 The voice is a powerful tool if you know how to use it to its maximum. So I use all these tools and techniques I have learnt as a Voiceover and from my Corporate job where I had to do a lot of speaking every day to a wide audience.

I am excited to share them with you so that you can talk with more confidence than you ever thought possible.

 My Achievements...blow my own trumpet time.

So I have learnt how to beat those imposter negative thoughts in my mind and gained a few extra tools so that I can’t confidently do voiceover work for big names like Adidas, Google, Costa, UEFA Champions League and the national lottery to name but a few. 

Then I was able to transfer these amazing voiceover skills on how to powerfully use your voice as a tool into all of my speaking coach clients and products so you can speak with confidence and have success like me too.I love creating amazing courses, audiobooks, ebooks, templates and more to help even more women confidently speak and use their voice in a powerful way in any area of their life.

Ok, so listen, you’re sitting at your computer, or maybe on yourphone… and you’re reading this today for a reason. Something in your life isn’t perfect, and you want to finally be that woman who can speak with confidence at work, home and when out and about, never before.And you’ve heard how this works.

And you know that IT IS possible to turn your dreams into reality, love speaking in public, not be so nervous, jumbling your words, having those imposter thoughts and be the ‘YOU’ you’ve always wanted to be.

So let me ask you… does that sound like something you’d want to start to take action on? Because right now you have the chance to grab the roadmap that shows you exactly how.”

Today I’m excited to be able to introduce you to my BRAND NEW Speaking Tips Course "How to Be a Better Storyteller Even When You Are Socially Anxious". It’s a step-by-step blueprint that shows you exactly what you need to do to finally speak confidently in any situation, eliminate that self-doubt, worry, fear, nerves, unlock your potential… and live your life the way you always believed you could.” As a confident speaking woman in any arena you find yourself in .

It'd time to start that coaching session to learn how to be an amazing speaker in all situations.

Ladies, Speaking Coaching is For You 

→ If... You need help to speak with confidence at work, in business, on the phone, camera, face to face in large or small group settings & you don't understand why you can't figure this out by yourself.

→ If... You feel like you lack confidence and would like to improve your articulation and pronunciation to sound more professional whenever you speak.

→ If... You feel lost and know you're missing out on promotions at work or not being able to confidently close client deals , but you don't even know how to pull it all together.

→ If... You wish you knew how to keep your listeners engaged , be persuasive and confident when you speak, overcome nerves, prepare for a particular presentation or simply want to up your confidence when speaking, then I’ve got you covered.

So if you feel like you are tired of stumbling when you talk, and want to learn how to speak with confidence and you need someone to guide you towards getting your speaking to your A-game standard then book your next session with me below.

You can book a group session today. I try to keep the group coaching sessions between 5-10 as more than that not everyone can get that good quality Mama attention I like to give.

I want you to fly like a beautiful butterfly out of my training sessions so I keep them small, cute and cosy and always delivering on the key points and answering your queries and questions.

Sounds amazing right! Click the button to buy a coaching session now.


Sounds Great! What's Included?

1) Intensive coaching & Presentation + Questions + Homework & Assignments.

2) Access to a carefully selected Speaking resources Intensive resources + Questions + Homework.

3) Session Recordings Recording of each session, access in the shared folder/client portal.

4) Access To Me Access to me via web page message service/WhatsApp group message.

Constant e-mail availability between sessions Bonus materials + homework & assignments. PLEASE

NOTE: You can choose either: Group Coaching is 5 -10 people max per session.

121 Coaching is just me and you in the session and it is more bespoke.

These topics sound amazing right! Click the button to buy it now.


Have A Listen To The Samples Below

So we all love to try before we buy, have a listen to a snippet below.  

You are going to love the help and value that I give. 

What My Happy Clients Say About  Me.

''I am a pretty confident speaker, but I was blown away by the Coaching sessions. There Is always something new to learn and Leighanne has bucket loads of knowledge to serve up every session. My speaking has improved every time I speak at my team meetings or on camera now.''

Kerani- Videographer

  • ''This woman has changed my life. And I continue to use all the skills she taught me, on a regular basis. Thanks I love you.''

  • Evaline - Blogger

    ''I was really impressed with the power of the course & coaching & Leighanne’s funny, encouraging vibe. I can see it making a big difference professionally and personally and I had a great time! I left the session with a sense of immediately wanting to go out and practice.''

    Chloe - Fitness Coach

  • After a few sessions of Coaching Sessions With Me, You will…

    You will be confident & comfortable enough to speak in any environment to share your amazing knowledge & value. You'll know exactly what you should do & what your next steps should be, towards improving your speaking goals.

    You will find it easy and simple to speak to your ideal clients, listeners, family, friends, business network whether it is face to face or online.

    You will be able to develop your own speaking style, storytelling techniques & speaking methods to keep any audience engaged in what you say.

    Click the ‘BuyNow’ button below and get started today

    Today only you can get immediate access to everything including the ““Speaking Tips ” bonuses for a one-time, single, secure payment of only £1000 for 5 session or £250 for 1x session

    Yep. Just £1000.

    But the price is going back up in just a few days.

    So if you want in, and you want to SAVE money, then click the button below and get started today.

    So the Real Question Is... Is it worth gambling a few minutes of your time to check this out?

    You know it is, it will pay for itself as soon as you'll start to see real results faster than you ever dreamed possible.

    So if you’re ready, just go ahead… click the button below and take advantage of this very special offer.


    WEB: www.leighanneturner.com

    EMAIL: [email protected]

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