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How To Speak listening.

"Keep doing what you love. I think you have the capability to change someone’s life, especially in terms of confidence and public speaking.''

Nina Willson

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Here are all of the great value you will get in these 10 amazing audiobooks narrated by yours truly.

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How to beat those imposter negative thoughts in your mind and gain a few extra tools so you can sound as smooth as silk whereever you need to speak.

Secret 2

 My very own strength and breathing strong voice Formula… and this really is my secret weapon to truly sounding engaging and speaking with a strong confident voice like never before. 

Secret 3

I will show you some engaging storytelling techniques that I successfully use to keep listeners hooked onto every word when.

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About The Author

Hey, Leighanne Turner here.

I’m a Voiceover, Author, Podcaster and Speaking coach who has helped countless women transform their Confidence when speaking in their personal and professional lives via my podcasts, books, audiobooks, blogs, coaching sessions, live classes and online courses and other digital resources.

A few years ago I said goodbye to my corporate job in London, UK in order to use my gifts and talents to start a business and embark while being on a journey of self-discovery.

Since that time I’ve gone on to build a full-time online lifestyle business focusing all around the voice using it correctly to speak with confidence.

Now my mission is to inspire women to speak with confidence in any environment and live their lives doing things that they love and continuously inspire them.”

How Important Is It To You To Speak With Confidence? 

If you are tired of being fearful to speak in public then you need to grab a copy of the audiobook series. 

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